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We create a promotional video for HYIPs

Video for ICO, FOREX, HYIPs ( from 1 day)

Hyipvideo—5 years of experience, 132 video presentations for ICO, FOREX, HYIP

We have created 132 implemented advertising video presentations for HYIP projects: marketing, image presentation videos. We promote our video presentations in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram channels, which allows to bring into the project up to a hundred people from each information stream.



Due to competent time management and professional team, we clearly hold deadlines and work according to schedules.


We have a professional team with extensive experience and a case of video for business, high-tech, ICO, FOREX, HYIP


We keep our customers and partners fully confidential. We approach each customer individually.

New trend in hype video

Video is the most effective advertising tool to attract customers to the business and video for hypes, HYIP, ICO, Forex is not an exception. The most productive are quality 3D animation and the EVENT video (video of events, rewarding, ceremonies).

Work stages

We make the process of creating a promotional presentation video as simple and clear for you as possible. Here ‘s how things happen in practice:

At the first conversation we

  • Fill a brief
  • Consult on the general conception
  • Make the estimate
  • You pay 10% in advance

Idea creation

We write the script and choose the speaker
After agreement of the script, speaker and storyboarding, you pay 40% of the price

Video creation

We launch design and animation production
2D and 3D effects.
Installation and retouching

Voice acting

Voice in different languages
Imposing of music
Add sound effects

Final presentation

You watch the finished video and approve it
Deposit the remaining 50% of the cost
We give you a finished video


2D: from $50 / 30 sec

Motion or classic two-dimensional animation is familiar to most viewers and opens up wide opportunities for use in a variety of areas. With the help of this it is possible to make accessible presentations of new services, training videos, simple and clear to tell about innovative technologies, dynamically present interesting infographics.
How to order video

  • Development of the idea
  • Creation of the script
  • Storyboard
  • Creation of infographics
  • Creation of characters
  • Creation an outside world
  • Create a 2D logo
  • Render
  • Installation and Dup
  • Creation of special effects
  • Color correction
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Initial and final credits

3D: from $200 / 30 sec

3D technology is the latest trend that allows you to create an animated video with a high level of realism. The audience has a feeling of proximity of what is happening and a high level of immersion in what is happening on the screen. The three-dimensional effect is indispensable if you need to impress and intrigue the viewer in seconds, show the innovative nature of the presented product, creativity and modernity of the customer of the animated film.

  • Development of the idea
  • Creation of the script
  • Story board
  • Creation of 3D-infographics
  • Creation of characters
  • Creating an outside world
  • Create a 3D logo
  • Render
  • Installation and Dup
  • Creation of special effects
  • Color correction
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Initial and final credits

Video: from $50/ film

Our specialists provide a complete cycle of production from idea development to musical design and creation of a master copy (turnkey product). All works are carried out on the most modern equipment

  • Development of the idea
  • Creation of the scenario
  • Storyboard
  • Script
  • Casting of actors
  • Selection of a location
  • Film-making process
  • Installation and dubbing
  • Creating of special effects
  • Color correction
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Initial and final credits

We voice 27 languages

Be assured, our voices will be able to impress your audience, and help to conquer foreign markets.


Women’s and men’s voices

A wide selection of speakers allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and information value of video.

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